Personal Branding For Women Leaders

Branding and claimed branding are hot capacity in business and claimed development now. Why all the buzz? Businesses and humans with the arch brands are the a lot of acknowledged and accomplish the a lot of money. You may anticipate it is odd that a being would accept a brand. A cast is added than a logo. In the case of a claimed brand, your cast is a sum of your behaviors, attitudes, accomplishments and claimed style. It’s what you are accepted for and makes up your acceptability and image.

It’s the aforementioned for business, except businesses use logos, websites and business abstracts to represent those qualities. To be noticed and be a acknowledged leader, you should be able to ascertain your claimed brand. Your claimed cast is a aggregate of who you are and what you angle for.

Wildly successful, Oprah acutely knows who she is and what she stands for – allotment women. Her personality, eyes for and charge to women has contributed to her astounding success.

Who do you admire? What are her claimed qualities? What contributes to her success?

You can strengthen your presence, your leadership, your after-effects by absorption on and anecdotic your claimed strengths and talents (who you are) and what aberration you wish to accomplish and what after-effects you wish to actualize (what you angle for.)

You’ll apperceive you accept a able claimed cast if you appearance up and humans say about you:

I charge to accommodated her

She is anyone I charge to know

Or added humans will say, “You charge to apperceive her” about you.

Other means you’ll apperceive you accept a able claimed cast are that you are top-of-mind for appropriate projects, promotions, big opportunities, new clients. Humans assurance you because they apperceive who you are and what you angle for.

Women don’t consistently yield time to focus on who they are. We try to be aggregate to everybody in adjustment to abstain conflict, be helpful, accumulate the relationships. This comes from that anachronous superwoman myth. Time to abate that notion!

Top leaders apperceive what to say yes to and if to say no, which I acquisition is a accomplishment women generally charge to learn. You strengthen your claimed cast and administration appearance if you accept if to say yes and if to say no.

I durably accept that women can be leaders in abating the abridgement by absorption on who they are and what they do best. It’s a abundant time to analyze your claimed cast of leadership.

To get started on your claimed brand:

1. List three to 5 areas area you absolutely shine. Analyze situations area you acquainted the a lot of satisfied. One of my claimed examples is a aggregation sales angle I led for a above employer that resulted in acceptable a ample annual with a Fortune 500 company. The abilities and talents I acclimated to advance that action are allotment of my claimed brand.

2. Purchase the book, “Now, Discover Your Strengths” by Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton. It comes with a cipher for an online appraisal that will analyze your top 5 talents. The book offers suggestions for anniversary aptitude identified.

To apperceive what you angle for, yield some time to anticipate about:

1. What do I wish to create? What results? What relationships?

2. Area are my passions? What aberration do I wish to make?

Mother Teresa stood for catastrophe abjection and hunger. Anita Roddick, architect of The Body Shop, stood for allowance tribes in aboriginal cultures actualize micro-economies. Women like Mary Kay Ash and Estee Lauder had a different eyes and acclimated their talents to innovate both cosmetics and a business archetypal that supports women.

Your claimed cast is already aural you. If you are bright on who you are and what you offer, you can be unstoppable. Defining your claimed cast will enhance your reputation, body your aplomb and empower you as a leader.

© 2009 Kathy Garland, all rights reserved.